Our main focus is to prevent more dogs being born and raised on the streets of Bansko.

To have make sure we have less street dogs we need to make sure we have less puppies.

Therefore we focus having them neutered by an extremely professional and beloved vet in Bansko.

bansko street dog puppy sitting

While the female dogs will be sterilized / spayed the the male dogs will get castrated under healthy medical conditions.

All street dogs in Bansko we have helped so far were not healthy enough to undergo surgery instantly.

Most of them needed to get medical care and medicine first, having worms, lice (not dangerous for people) or other problems .

Bansko street dog ear label tag neutered

Because the medication needs a few days to get in the dog’s system we rely on temporary care houses in Bansko.

Even-though these people might not have the money to feed these dogs, they open their houses for a safe recovery.

We buy dog food, pay for the dog’s medication and bills from the vet.

Bansko Street Dog Rescue Home

Everything else is donated by volunteers or paid for by the new loving family.

As we know from many years of experience in helping street dogs in other countries, healthy dogs are homed quicker.

Therefore we ask you to donate money so we can prevent more puppies being born and to help the street dogs in Bansko.


Sarah O'Neill Bansko Street Dogs
Sarah O’Neill
Marlies Wolters Bansko Street Dogs
Marlies Wolters

Luckily more and more volunteers are helping us in Bansko and abroad. If you would like to help, and that does not need to take much, just contact us.