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We rely on the generous donations from people to help the dogs of Bansko stay fit and healthy, and find their forever home.

Our main focus is to prevent more dogs from being born and living on the streets of Bansko.

Most of the street dogs require basic medical care: treatment for worms, lice, ticks and other common problems. After they are treated they go to a temporary care houses for a few days to stay in a clean, dry place before being neutered.

Donations mainly go to food, medications, and vet bills. If there are funds left over then we buy some extra toys for everyone to have some fun and play.

dog money

Donate €1 a month with Teaming

A small €1 donation every month. Super easy to setup. These small amounts add up over the course of a year and it’s one way lots of people can contribute a small amount every month.

Please use this link to donate via teaming (no fees for you or us; best way is using a card for the payment):

Amazon Wishlist

For those who want to buy something individual for the dogs (a collar, some toys, or a training leash), we have an Amazon wishlist. This is a list of things we need and it’s convenient if you want to spend a few pounds/euros.

Here is a link to the list: