Sponsor a Dog

Why sponsor a Bansko Street Dog?

Your sponsorship will be used to help your sponsor dog, and all dogs under our care. The money is used to cover the costs of everything we need to keep us going – most importantly medical care, shelter and food, but also beds, toys, treats, cleaning products etc. By sponsoring a dog you will not only change their life, but you’ll also change the lives of many others in desperate need.

Some dogs require more time and attention than others for a variety of reasons. Whether behavioural or medical we want to be able to spend the time and effort on their particular needs. These dogs have nowhere else to go, but with your help we can make their lives a little easier.

When you become a sponsor you will receive regular updates on your sponsor dog – at Christmas, Valentines day, and again in the summer too. Your gift will mean everything to your sponsor dog, and to the many other dogs on the streets of Bansko too.

Looking for a gift for the dog lover in your life? Sponsor a Bansko Street Dog.

Kickstart sponsorship (sponsoring a dog in its first year) is £70/ €80/ 150Lev – that’s less than £6/€7 a month to make a difference to these dogs. If you’d like to sponsor a dog or have any questions please contact us

Corporate Sponsorship

If you have a business and are interested in working with us in any capacity please get in touch.