If you are in Bansko and have a bit of time, please help us! There are many ways you can help. For all the listed things you can do as a volunteer here we ask you to schedule 2 hours of your time.

Dog sitting / Walking

bansko street dog puppy sitting
  • Two hours per shift in general, there are 3-4 shifts per day
  • Walk a dog, play with puppies, watch a rescue / foster dog

Feed the street dogs

  • Simply walk around town and give the dogs treats
  • There are also various dog bowls and feeding stations to fill around town

Let us know if you see a street dog!

Bansko street dog ear label tag neutered
  • If they do not have a tag / plastic label in one of their ears
  • If it’s a boy or a girl
  • If you can approach him / her without a problem
  • Overall health:  Skinny, walking normal, wounds, skin problem, etc.
  • Size / age if you have any idea
  • Take a few photos – head and full body – or a short video