Dog toys, dog food and treats donated

Our lovely angels dropped by again today with sacks of food, more toys and treats, and also some holistic treatments for the dogs … These spoiled pooches love you both! ❤️🐾

More Dog Food, Dog Leads and Dog Toys Donated!

Our lovely fly by ladies have done it again, amazed us with so many donations.

Sacks and sacks of food, a whole bag of dog toys, fleece blankets, piles of bowls, and bags of leashes and collars. Incredible ladies, thanks so much.

The Bansko street dogs are going to have some strut in their walk wearing these! 😉❤️🙏🏼

towels blankets street dogs

Blanket and Towels Donated

Thanks for the blanket and towels Mike, will come in very handy for the dogs when they’re recovering from operations ?❤️