Misha’s Puppies

Misha’s puppies will be 6 weeks old on Tuesday so they will be starting their vaccinations and looking for loving homes. Lucky Grace is the only one who is already reserved for a home, right here in Bulgaria ❤️

They will be a medium sized dog, similar to a labrador size, and if their mamas nature is anything to go by they will be loving angels! Right now their characters are only just starting to develop, so as time goes on we will update you about them 🐾

Boys : Sebastian, Pepelle and Blackie
Girls : Tere, Rosie, Lady and Bella

Update 2021-02-19:

Yesterday was hard. Little Grace, one of Misha’s puppies, passed away at just ten weeks old.

We had to wait for the necropsy results to know what had taken her, as there were no obvious signs or symptoms. She had embolisms, the worst being in her lung. It’s not something we could have known of or done anything about, but it’s still a little raw today.

The only relief we have in her loss is that she didn’t suffer, and thankfully it’s not something that will have passed on to the other puppies.