Puppies: Homed

The 8 ‘building site puppies are all homed now, you can find more information below. ❤️  

Busy, Billy, Sara, Flint, Mila, Radha, Todor and Liberty are now homed.

Names: Mammy
Gender: Mammy (Female)
Age: < 1 years old

Vaccinations & passport: Yes
Neutered: Not yet

Location: Still on the street

OK with kids: ?
OK with other dogs: ?
OK with other cats: ?

Likes: ?
Dislikes: ?

If you’re interested in fostering mom short or long term, or adopting, please get in touch.

Busy : Homed

Busy is such an ironic name for this little guy. He loves napping and just laying with you! He is playful with people and other dogs, when he can summon the energy 😉🤣.

Update 2020-09-20

Busy is the last of the ‘building site puppies’ to get to his forever home – and what a home it is … Busy has made the trip to his family in Nevada, USA! ❤️

Ken, Anthony and Bambi have made Busy feel right at home, he’s settled well already and they’re do excited to have him with them. We wish you all the very best for a great life, congratulations! 🐾

Update 2020-07-13

He is around 10 weeks old and will grow quite a bit, to around 25-35 kg when full grown. Busy has had all his vaccinations and is able to travel within Europe for the right people. 

Gorgeous Busy is still looking for his family. He has the most ironic name as he’s anything but Busy – this guy loves to sleep, and just lay relaxing with you … Not typical behavior for a 3 and a half month old puppy 😂🐾

Update 2020-08-31

Busy was the most ironically named of the ‘building site puppies’ … He was the laziest puppy we’ve ever known! 🤣 He grew up a lot this past month, and finally discovered the fun of walks and playing around the mountains! ❤️

Busy has joined Bianca and family in Holland on a foster to adopt basis, so all being well that will be his forever home … Will keep you posted! 🐾

Billy : Homed

Billy is our sweetheart has injured his leg when playing with another dog. We have been taking him to the vet many times and hope the ligament and fracture will heal without surgery. Billy has quite a few vet trip under his belt now. He has been to Blagoevgrad for an X-ray. Sarah and Marlies even drove Billy to Sofia for an orthopedic vet to evaluate his leg.

Update 2020-09-15

Billy was the tiny ‘building site puppy’ who suffered a leg injury at a very young age. Following the right vet care, physio work and lots of loving he’s as good as new, and made the trip across to the UK 3 weeks ago to meet Marissa ❤️

Marissa and family are a recovery and rescue home, and have a whole range of animals there at any given time. Billy has settled in so very well, and has been officially adopted to stay by Marissa’s side – he’s a lucky boy to be part of such a wonderful home, and will grow up with a weird and wonderful family of animal siblings! 🐾

Update 2020-06-21:

Billy is most well known of the puppies as he had a serious leg injury when just a few weeks old. Thankfully he got vet care soon enough to fix things up … he’s still on tablets but almost finished them, and will heal with no problems 🙏🏼 *

Billy is such a friendly boy, and is happy with other dogs around or by himself. He loves walking and playing, and has no fear of bigger dogs. He is around 10 weeks old and will grow quite a bit, to around 20-30kg when full grown. *

Billy’s had all his vaccinations and is able to travel within Europe for the right home.

Update 2020-06-04:

It’s great news for little Billy, both the ligament and fracture are healing well, and his walking is getting better with less rotation in his hip. The medication looks to be working, and if all continues as it is he won’t need an operation 🤞🏼

He’s been in a different foster home this past week where he’s the only dog, and this quieter environment has helped lots – never underestimate the value of a foster home, they can make all the difference! ❤️

We’ll keep you posted on Billy’s progress … If he gets through another three weeks without any setbacks we’ll know he’s safe from surgery 🙏🏼

If you’re interested in fostering or adopting Billy, please get in touch.

Sara : Homed

Sara is a gorgeous little character. She is very loving, and likes to watch over her siblings. Sara is first to give kisses in the morning, and loves being petted. She is good on the lead and enjoys walks.

Sara is great with other dogs, and friendly to all people. She is around 10 weeks old and will grow quite a bit, to around 20-30kg when full grown.

Sara will be heading to the UK and a wonderful life … Kat and Ali, Molly, Tom, Nat , Jem and Eliza are waiting to spoil her! They have a huge garden, and are based in a rural area, so they regularly go hiking and walking through adjoining fields! 🐾😊

Update 2020-09-01

Sara was the alpha of the ‘building site puppies’. She’s now known as Scout, and been with her lovely new family in the UK for almost a week! ❤️

Scout is a lucky puppy indeed … She has doggy siblings and plenty of humans around her, and more love than she could ever want. They go on wonderful walks together and Scout fits in like she’s always been a part of them – a wonderful result all round, congratulations to you all! 🐾

Flint : Homed

Flint has been reserved for his forever home in the UK! ❤️

Update 2020-08-30

Flint was the biggest of the ‘building site puppies’. He finally made the trip across Europe to his new home in the UK last week, and is loving his new life near the seaside! ❤️

Charlene and family are doting on Flint, and luckily he’s got so much love to go around because there are seven kids all wanting a share! It was months of patient waiting to get their boy home, but it’s all been worthwhile to this lovely family 🐾

Mila : Homed

Mila is well behaved and a loving little dote. She is good on the lead and really enjoys walks. Mila is playful but not destructive, and is quite happy with other dogs as well as on her own. She is around 10 weeks old and will grow quite a bit, to around 20-30kg when full grown.

Mila is being fostered by Kasia just now, but as soon as she can get her place on the transport she will be heading to the UK to be spoilt rotten by Sue and Nathan! 😂

Update 2020-08-30

Mila was one of the ‘building site puppies’. There were 5 waiting for transport to take them to new homes across Europe, and finally it happened this week! It’s been a long time coming, and we could not be happier to get these dogs off to a great start in their new lives ❤️

Mila was lucky enough to be fostered for some time in Bansko by the lovely Kasia, and now at 5 months old she’s arrived at her forever home in the UK with Sue and Nathan. She’s settled in like a dream and is keeping them busy with walks and play times. Mila completes this little family and fits right in as if she’s always belonged … It’s a truly happy tale all round! 🐾

Radha : Homed

Radha was the building site puppy we came close to losing. She was such a tiny thing with a massive internal infection, but she overcame it and has become such a strong girl! ❤️

Radha will be staying in Bansko, and has a wonderful family to now call her own. We hope you have lots of fun together, and wish you a lifetime of loving and good times 😁

Todor : Homed

Todor was the first of the building site 8 to be reserved for a home. Now he is home with his new family! ❤️

Oleg and his family here in Bansko have three other dogs already, but still have plenty of space in their home and hearts for Todor. All the very best, we wish you a lifetime of happiness together 😁

Liberty : Homed

Lovely Liberty was the first of the building site 8 to go to her forever home! ❤️

She is staying here in Bansko with Kris and family, and has a whole load of fur brothers and sisters to make her feel at home. Congratulations to you all, we’re wishing you many years of happiness together 😁