Svetz : Homed

Angelique fell in love with Indy (previously known as Svetz) this winter, then did everything in her power to get him to the UK to live with her family. She set up a fundraiser to get the money to pay for the mounting bills of getting him neutered and to be taken care of here in Bulgaria – I was only lucky enough to meet Indy a couple of times, giving lifts to the vets for him and his caretaker Fiona, but he’s such a loving soul it’s easy to see why Angelique couldn’t bear to leave him on the streets! ❤️

When travel restrictions were lifted Indy set off on the journey, but unfortunately there were mistakes made by the transport company and on arrival at Dover he was held at the pound (with lovely Todorka, remember her?) 😟

Angelique had days of battling the powers that be to get things in place to release their boy. They set up another fundraiser to cover the ever growing costs needed to pay to get Indy freed, and finally more than a week later than planned, they were reunited! 😁

It may have taken longer than anyone thought to get Indy home, but he’s now settled into his lovely new life and will never have to undergo such a journey again 🎉

Svetz Bansko Street Dogs

Name: Svetz

Gender: Female
Age: A few years old

Vaccinations & passport: Yes
Neutered: Yes

Location: UK

OK with kids: ?
OK with other dogs: ?
OK with other cats: ?

Likes: ?
Dislikes: ?