Liz & Robbie

We don’t normally single out volunteers as they all do what they can do (and do it so well!) but these two deserve a special shout out 📢

Liz and Robbie came to Bansko 7 weeks ago to help us out. They’d never been to Bulgaria before and just wanted to do what they could to help the Bansko Street Dogs, so they hopped on a plane! ✈️

There was nothing they said no to – cleaning tons of poop, walking tangles of dogs, fostering both chewy puppies and older chilled dogs, vet trips, tracking down escapees – Whatever we needed they were there, morning, evening, sunshine, snow … They saw it all! 😯

They’re off back to the UK today, and in just a few days their very own Gimli will be travelling over to join them! No, they had no intention of adopting a dog, but lovely Gimli stole their hearts 🐾

We truly can’t thank you enough for everything you did, and wish you all an amazing life together! 💞